Update on my placenta capsules... They are fabulous! I feel calm and my energy feels focused.
— first time mother and Susquehanna Doulas client

Among the benefits of placenta encapsulation reported by our clients:

  • Improvement in overall energy level and decrease in feeling debilitating fatigue

  • More consistent breastmilk supply

  • Feeling better emotionally, especially if experiencing postpartum sadness or anxiety

  • The availability of a cross-trained encapsulator to help address breastfeeding and newborn care questions.

    *Upon request, your placenta may be encapsulated by member of Susquehanna Doulas also trained as a postpartum doula and/or certified lactation counselor


Placenta Encapsulation

Your placenta is encapsulated in a two-day process, which your encapsulator is happy to describe as she works.

At the conclusion of the encapsulation, you will receive your capsules in a labeled glass jar and be provided with written instructions for storing your capsules and guidelines for consumption.

During the encapsulation process, you are also welcome to request advice about your baby, your healing, and/or breastfeeding.

Upon request, we can provide an encapsulation professional who is also trained as a postpartum doula and/or certified lactation counselor, bringing extra benefit to your encapsulation appointment.


In Home Encapsulation

Our professional in-home encapsulation adheres to rigid safety protocols, including ongoing certificates in blood borne pathogens and food safety, to ensure your placenta capsules will be of the highest quality.

The prep area of your kitchen is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized both before and following each day of the encapsulation, with you family’s safety in mind. You are welcome to observe any portion of the process (or none at all).

Our clients express appreciation for the transparency and measures taken to avoid any cross-contamination during encapsulation. Of course, the spotless kitchen at the end is an added bonus!


Placenta Tinctures & more

Specialty custom placenta tinctures, made using your capsules, allow you to enjoy the benefits of your placenta encapsulation for months to come.

Tinctures have fewer storage recommendations compared to capsules, making them ideal for use when traveling.

Other specialty services, including placenta prints and salves, are available if arranged in advance.

Flavored placenta capsules available upon request.

Tinctures, salves and prints only available with purchase of a Placenta Encapsulation Package.