Your birth. Your decisions. Our 100% support.

The birth of your child is a memory you'll carry with you throughout your life. Susquehanna Doulas is committed to supporting you every step of the way, helping your birth memories become ones you cherish always.

Susquehanna Doulas provides you with labor doulas who are professionally trained and unquestionably supportive. Whether you are looking for someone to hold your hand and cheer you on, a coach for your partner, or someone to help you understand what's happening, we make our knowledge and experience available to help you feel confident.

We fully support births with epidurals, births with no medication, cesarean sections, and midwife attended home births. And yes, we've attended them all. We use our knowledge and experience to help you make the decisions that best fit your family. And we unequivocally respect your decisions every step of the way.

From the moment your contract is signed, you have a team of professional labor doulas, supported by Susquehanna Doulas, available for every question and concern you have, until your baby is born.

Our primary goal is that your birth experience creates memories you'll cherish.

Susquehanna Doulas Brings Extensive Experience to Your Birth:

  • Drug-free births

  • Births with epidurals and other medications

  • Midwife-attended home births

  • Water births

  • Pregnancies after miscarriages

  • Pregnancies achieved through fertility treatments

  • Vaginal twin birth

  • VBAC/TOLAC births

  • Planned cesarean births

  • Inductions and augmentations

  • Unexpected cesarean births

  • Family Friendly cesareans

  • Adoption birth with adoptive parents present

  • Pregnancies with gestational diabetes

  • High risk pregnancies

  • Mothers with prior trauma

  • Babies with special needs

  • Mothers with history of anxiety and depression

  • First born and experienced families

  • Single mothers, married couples, unmarried partners

  • Nontraditional families

  • Births with friends and extended family present

Your life. Your birth. Your decisions.
Our 100% support.



Praise for Susquehanna Doulas Labor Support


Trust and Inspiration

“You inspired me to trust birth and showered me with your support. My heart will always be filled with joy when remembering the birth of my daughter with you by my side, holding my hand. May your passion for birth help many women on their journeys to meet their babies. With great love and appreciation,"

— K.L. mother with prior birth trauma

VBAC and Belief

“I can't even begin to express our gratitude towards you and everything you did to help us through this process. I look forward to seeing you in person and expressing our thank you's face to face. You really did make this all possible for us and we owe you much more than we will ever be able to give in return.”

— H.N. VBAC mother

Dad's Perspective

“Thanks again for everything and supporting ... if you could plan life that strictly, it would not be an adventure!!”

— T. dad with prior adoption, experiencing birth of his first biological child following an unexpected induction.


Your best birth is waiting.

Susquehanna Doulas is ready to accompany you every step of the way. 

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