Your baby. Your feeding choices. Our 100% support.

Susquehanna Doulas provides you with Certified Lactation Counselors (CLC) who are professionally trained and unquestionably supportive. We use our knowledge and experience to help you make infant feeding decisions that best fit your family's needs.

We listen to your needs and fully support your infant feeding choices. And when you have questions we can help you navigate decisions. Our certified lactation counselors are trained in breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and supplemental feeding.

We can help you breastfeed comfortably, offer advice on bottles and nipples, assist you with your breast pump, and provide a customized feeding plan.

If feeding isn't going well, our certified lactation counselors can create a plan to get you back on track. And they are trained and qualified to recognize times that a referral is appropriate, such as if there is a lingual tie (also called a tongue tie) that may be making it challenging for your baby to take in adequate milk.

Our certified lactation counselors have a specialized scope of knowledge that can complement the basic healthcare your baby is receiving from a pediatrician or family healthcare provider.

Feeding your baby is one of your most important responsibilities. Susquehanna Doulas will help you feel confident that you've got it under control.



In addition to supporting families wanting guidance and confidence learning to feed their babies, we have supported:

  • Breastfed singletons and twins

  • Formula fed singletons and twins

  • Babies with brief and extended NICU stays

  • Transitioning from bottle to breast

  • Exclusively breastfed babies

  • Babies fed exclusively with pumped milk

  • Babies with hypoglycemia

  • Babies with respiratory distress

  • Babies with reflux and GERD

  • High birth weight (macrosomia)

  • Low birth weight (microsomia)

  • Syringe feeding

  • Supplemental Nursing Systems (SNS)

  • Tongue tie, with and without revision

  • Strengthening baby's sucking

  • Baby led feeding

  • Scheduled feeding

  • Breast milk donation


Praise for Susquehanna Doulas Lactation and Infant Feeding Support


Newborn with food allergies

“My son began presenting with a food allergy upon birth. Numerous doctors and lactation nurses told me to switch him to formula to "heal his gut." But my mothering instinct knew this wasn't the right answer for us. When I came to Laura with my dilemma she fully supported my desire to continue nursing, provided me with resources in doctors who would help, and she offered support and guidance. I am happy to say that at 18 months I still have a nursing relationship with my son, we have been able to pinpoint his allergies and avoid them from a dietary standpoint, and his gut is healed. I'm sure I would not have the same outcome without Laura's initial support and guidance.”

— M, mother with strong desire to exclusively breastfeed


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