Your baby. Your decisions. Our 100% support.

Bringing a new baby (or babies) into your family is a time like no other. The wonder, the amazement, the love. But often also the tears, the fatigue, the overwhelming choices.

Susquehanna Doulas provides you with postpartum doulas who are professionally trained and unfailingly supportive. We use our extensive knowledge, skills and experience to help you make the decisions that best fit your family. And we support you as you navigate this journey.

Our postpartum doulas can help you with infant care, talk to you about ways to soothe your baby, and help you create a plan to meet your feeding and sleep needs. We can help by straightening up your home, preparing snacks and shopping for groceries. We can fix you a cup of tea and talk about how you're feeling. And we can take care of your home while you get some well-deserved sleep.

Our postpartum support can look very different from one family to another, but the outcome is the same. From the moment your contract is signed, your postpartum doula, supported by Susquehanna Doulas, is there to help.

Whether you're still pregnant, just gave birth, are adopting a baby, or have been home with your baby for a while, Susquehanna Doulas will make you feel cherished as you navigate this new chapter in your life.



Susquehanna Doulas Postpartum Doula Experience

  • First-time parents

  • Second, third, and fourth-time parents

  • Parents via adoption

  • Families welcoming one baby

  • Families welcoming multiples

  • Babies with brief and extended NICU stays

  • Babies with special needs

  • Parents with history of depression and anxiety

  • Parents experiencing postpartum mood disorders

  • New parents with no family nearby

  • Parents with lots of help from friends and family

  • Attachment parenting families

  • Scheduled parenting families

  • Breastfeeding

  • Bottle feeding with pumped or donor milk

  • Bottle feeding with formula

  • Babywearing

  • Safety best practices

  • Overnight postpartum doula shifts

  • Daytime postpartum shifts

  • Parents transitioning back to work

  • Single mothers, married parents, unmarried parents

Your family. Your baby. Your decisions. Our 100% support.


Praise for Susquehanna Doulas Postpartum Support


Above and beyond... with twins

“Our doula experience was wonderful! She was knowledgeable and helped me figure out things I didn't even know would benefit me and the babies. She went above and beyond to really understand what I needed and figuring out priorities, including my health.”

— first time mother with premature twins

Everything I hoped for, and more!

“She did a wonderful job helping me and my family adjust after the birth of my second child. She made everything easier in every way. She was everything I hoped a postpartum doula would be -- and more, in ways I didn't realize I needed until she was already helping with them.”

— mother with a history of postpartum depression

Exactly what our family needed...

"I had an unexpected C-Section delivery and our son spent his first week in the NICU, so we asked Laura to come and help us adjust to life at home. Laura was incredibly compassionate and kind. She was able to interact well with both of our children, give insight to me (mom) as I adjusted to having a newborn in our home! My husband felt at ease knowing that I had someone at home to help me while he was at work and I felt comforted knowing that she would help me with the tasks that felt overwhelming. Laura was exactly what our family needed! We are so grateful to her for being so diligent in her work for us in such a vulnerable time!”

— first time birth, with an adopted preschooler



Easing your transition into your new family

Susquehanna Doulas is ready to accompany you, and support you, every step of the way.