You inspired me to trust birth and showered me with your support. My heart will always be filled with joy when remembering the birth of my daughter with you by my side holding my hand. May your passion for birth help many women on their journeys to meet their babies.
— Mother with prior traumatic birth

“You have been so incredible over the past few months and I don’t know how I would have done it without you. You are an invaluable resource. I feel so lucky to have met you and am so grateful for all your help on this journey. If we decide to do this again, I’m calling you the week I get pregnant!”

— Mother who used Susquehanna Doulas for labor, postpartum, and lactation support

New parents falling in love with their son

New parents falling in love with their son


Great active support and very professional.

LD nurse at York Hospital

“She fully supported my desire to keep nursing.”

My youngest son Joel began presenting with a food allergy upon birth. Numerous doctors and lactation nurses told me to switch him to formula to “heal his gut.” But, my mothering instinct knew this wasn’t the right answer for us. It didn’t provide a natural approach to healing, I knew the benefits of breastfeeding were many, and it didn’t provide me with answers to what the food allergies might be. When I came to Laura with my dilemma she fully supported my desire to continue nursing, provided me with resources in doctors who would help me to walk that path, and she offered support and guidance. She helped me to come up with a plan of foods to eliminate from my diet and she offered personal contacts of others who had been through a similar trial. I am happy to say that at 18 months old I still have a nursing relationship with my son, we have been able to pinpoint his allergies and avoid them from a dietary standpoint, and his gut is healed. I’m sure I would not have the same outcome without Laura’s initial support and guidance.

— L.G.

The nurse manager came in and was impressed how successful I was at nursing and I said it was because of you. The nurse manager said she heard wonderful things about you from the staff.
— Labor doula and lactation client whose baby was diagnosed with a genetic disorder
Cuddles with a newborn client, only hours hold

Cuddles with a newborn client, only hours hold

Laura showed up right when we did at the hospital with only an hour or so notice & I was two weeks early. Both her and Tracy were super supportive of my husband and I during the labor even though it did not follow my original plan. It helped to have someone else on our side and to explain what was going on. I ended up with a very smooth labor that led to a calm birth experience.



“She made me feel confident.”

It was great to have your support during my labor. She made me feel confident in my decisions and helped me achieve my goal of having a natural birth. Her support was priceless.

— Labor doula client who gave birth via VBAC

“Forever thankful”

Laura was a fabulous doula. Without Laura's devoted support I certainly would have lost my focus and given up. I truly cannot express how blessed I was to have her with my husband and I. I am forever thankful and tell everyone I can to work with a doula.

— Mother with long labor with third child